A.I., Technology, and Integrity Forum:
The Contemporary Impact on Corporate Compliance & Ethics

Hosted by: LinkedIn | November 12, 2019 | Mountain View, CA


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Over the past few years, a consistent refrain we have heard in conversations with Ethisphere’s Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) community is one that reflects the broader trends within the global business community as a whole – namely that the rapid development of technology is beginning to outpace traditional processes and functions that help an organization operate.

AI, machine learning, and other technology driving today’s digital transformation within companies, all terms that have become commonplace within the pages of business journals, have worked their way into the thinking and discussion of global companies’ ethics and integrity strategies.

As a result, Ethisphere has frequently been asked by its member companies not only how these new technologies will influence the ethics, integrity and compliance functions within global organizations, but also who ultimately is responsible for overseeing the ethics and impact of these tools across both the organization and its many internal and external stakeholders.

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This unique Forum will invite conversations across multiple disciplines, industries, and leaders to address the forward-thinking and practical aspects to address these matters, including:

  • How AI, machine learning tools, and other technology are changing global companies: What are some of the trends in these technologies and what are the implications when it comes to maintaining a culture of integrity, and a strong ethics and compliance program?

  • Technology and innovation outpacing regulation: What are some of the challenges created from the rapid adoption of new technologies at a time when regulations and laws are slow in keeping pace?

  • How ethics and compliance leaders are using technology to spur innovation in global programs: What are some of the latest tools – either homegrown or purchased – that ethics and compliance leaders are using to increase effectiveness and efficiencies of global programs?

  • Data integrity and privacy in an increasingly connected world: What do companies need to do to ensure effective risk management around data governance and privacy?

  • Ethics and AI: What do companies need to be thinking about when it comes to the impact of AI and machine learning on the ethics and values of an organization?


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Artificial Intelligence: Evolving Risks and Responsibilities

Pamela Passman, Vice Chair, Ethisphere, discusses the nine common responsibilities of ethical AI.

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Hosted By: LinkedIn
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