BELA Roundtable Series Hosted by UPS | Atlanta 2017-08-31T12:33:48+00:00

Join your peers in Atlanta for an insightful conversation and hear how leading organizations are implementing specific components of their ethics and compliance program, while taking actionable steps to better assess the company’s culture of integrity. This roundtable discussion will be lead by members of the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) sharing the strategy, tactics, results and lessons learned from the rollout of a recent program initiatives.

Manager Guides and Executive Kits: Ling-Ling Nie, Chief Compliance Officer & AGC at Panasonic North America, will detail the September release of their new Manager’s Compliance Guide.  This motivational guide highlights the unique and important role of managers in helping maintain an effective compliance program and culture.  She will also share the Compliance Awareness Executive Kits they have launched for their executives.  These two initiatives are part of their Compliance Awareness Month activities and their broader efforts to encourage direct participation of managers and executive in their program and to further strengthen the “tone from the top.”

Communicating Stories on Organizational Justice: Keith Cureton, Vice President for Global Compliance and Ethics at UPS, will share the new approaches UPS is taking to engage the culture on integrity and values.  As UPS looks to drive better conversation through different modalities, such as internal blogs, there are many factors to consider.  Among these issues are the challenges that Millennials present when shared values and perceptions of fairness within the larger culture can be disconnected as they evolve into key contributors and leaders within the company.  Preparing for ethical stewardship from Millennials is an important part of the organizational future, and global compliance teams need to be forward-thinking in their steps to achieve this through an adaptive and effective process.

Balancing Business Pressures and Company Culture: Kelley Edwards, Vice President of Compliance at Milliken & Company, will address emerging challenges, both internal and external, that are impacting culture.  The rapid pace of Milliken’s innovation, new employee talent, new leadership, and increasing acquisitions each have a role to play in transforming a culture steeped in tradition.  Such new considerations mean that there is also an impact and on how compliance needs to be flexible to accommodate how the program is designed while still preserving the values and governance qualities necessary for the business to thrive in a shifting global environment.

Registration is limited to in-house company professionals with lead responsibility for the compliance & ethics programs and culture of integrity.

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