Webcast | Case Study: Evolving Towards An Ethical
Culture with SNC-Lavalin

April 24th, 2019 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm EDT

After a series of violations rocked the company a decade ago, SNC-Lavalin’s new leaders sought to reform the organization by building an effective ethics and compliance program that could reinforce a stronger ethical culture. Last fall, SNC-Lavalin went through an Ethisphere Program Assessment to gauge their progress, and was awarded our Compliance Leader Verification. Please join us in a wide-ranging, transparent conversation about the company’s journey, including their impressive work in the following areas:

  • Program structure, including an integrity ambassador program across local offices

  • Incorporating integrity concerns into performance evaluations

  • Building an investigation program that targets areas of highest risk

The conversation will include SNC-Lavalin’s Hentie Dirker and Patricia Alleyn, alongside Ethisphere experts Jodie Fredericksen and Scott Stevenson. We will explore how the company has evolved and why the Program Assessment process was a useful tool for them to check their progress.

Webcast Replay

Program structure, Incorporating integrity concerns, and Building an investigation program

Presentation Slides

Access the presentation material used during the webcast and use the data, charts, and graphs to help make the case for improving corporate culture.

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Patricia Alleyn

Hentie Dirker

Scott Stevenson
Senior Analyst, Data & Services

Jodie Fredericksen
Senior Compliance Counsel

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