Data Series: Programs and Practices of Leading Companies

Research Report: 2019 Honoree Insights

Download Volumes 1 – 3

Volume 1 keys in on:

  • Diversity at the highest levels of the organization
  • How leading companies embrace transparency in building an open-door culture
  • How Honorees have set the standard for written standards

Volume 2 keys in on:

  • How leading companies structure their programs, including titles bestowed, reporting lines, and authorities granted
  • Informing the program’s governing authority through detailed and periodic reporting
  • The resources needed and where to place them: staffing, centralizing programs, and evolving backgrounds for E&C staff

Volume 3 keys in on:

  • Who is most likely to report misconduct – and how manager behavior impacts reporting
  • The training and tools used by leading companies to prepare managers to be ethical leaders
  • How to communicate to employees around ethics-related issues

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