Webcast | Part 3 of Our Insights Series: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Managers: Insights into the Practices of the 2019 World’s Most Ethical Companies®

June 25th, 2019 | 1:00pm – 2:30pm ET

Join us for the third webcast in our Insights series of discussions covering data and trends from the 2019 World’s Most Ethical Companies®. In this webcast, learn how companies are preparing their managers to be effective ethical leaders – and why it matters so much.

Come ask questions of our experts, learn from real-world examples and gain insights for improving your program. We will also share our new Culture Quotient interface, which allows companies who do culture survey work with us unlimited data analysis to gain insights into areas of success and of concern.


Erica Salmon Byrne
Executive Vice President and Executive Director of BELA

Doug Allen
Managing Director of Data & Services

Jodie Fredericksen
Senior Compliance Counsel

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Research Report: 2019 Honoree Insights

The first volume keys in on three main themes: 1) diversity at the highest levels of the organization, 2) how leading companies embrace transparency in building an open-door culture, and 3) how Honorees have set the standard for, well, written standards.

Volume two addresses: 1) how leading companies structure their programs, including titles bestowed, reporting lines, and authorities granted, 2) informing the program’s governing authority through detailed and periodic reporting, and 3) the resources needed and where to place them: staffing, centralizing programs, and evolving backgrounds for E&C staff.

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Coming Soon: Volume 3 – Maximizing your Managers Impact

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