Webcast | Reducing Cybersecurity Risk: Cross-Functional Responsibility at the GC, CCO, and CISO Level

June 4th, 2019 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET

Companies increasingly realize that effective cybersecurity and the related protection of intellectual property, confidential information and trade secrets requires collaboration between IT/security, legal and compliance. Most companies have not effectively implemented cross-functional collaboration between these three departments. In addition, reducing cybersecurity risk requires the involvement of the departments that deal with third parties (supply chain procurement, sales, etc.) and the cooperation of the third parties. Finally, the cost of not taking these issues seriously and putting effective plans into place puts these enterprises at great risk with all their stakeholders – employees, customers, partners and shareholders.

This webinar will focus on how to accelerate effective collaboration between GCs, CCOs and CISOs to reduce cybersecurity risk. Targeted at senior executives in legal, compliance, security, IT and supply chain, this moderated panel discussion will explore the following topics:

  • Need for cross-functional collaboration to reduce cyber risk and loss of IP and improve data governance

  • Impact of regulatory pressures

  • Challenges and solutions to cross-functional collaboration

  • Ways to gain cooperation of supply chain, procurement, sales

  • Strategies for reducing third party risk



Stuart Cohen
Cybersecurity Collaborative

Craig Moss
Executive Vice President


Tim Callahan
Chief Information Security Officer

Cheryl Leamon
Vice President, Corporate Communications
U. S. Bank

Jeannie McCarver
Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel
U.S. Bank

Brian Rossmann
Operational Risk Executive
U.S. Bank

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