Webcast | Data and Measurement: How Culture Surveys Can Reveal Opportunities to Improve your Corporate Culture

December 18th, 2018 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET

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This webcast featured insights from our data set around corporate culture.

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Access the presentation material used during the webcast and use the data, charts, and graphs to help make the case for improving corporate culture.

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Studies consistently show that companies with strong ethical cultures outperform those that don’t. Often their employees are more engaged and committed, turnover is lower, and productivity higher.

What’s more, employees at organizations with strong cultures feel less pressure to compromise company standards to achieve company goals. And if they do observe misconduct, they are more likely to feel comfortable reporting it, allowing an organization to address issues early, saving the organization time (from the distraction of a substantial issue) and money (in the form of legal fees, fines, and penalties).

Many organizations regularly survey employees to get a sense of their engagement with a few questions on ethics and compliance included. While that approach is a start, including a handful of questions on ethics and compliance issues does not provide a complete picture.

Listen in as we share insights from our growing dataset, particularly around:

  • Observing and reporting misconduct;

  • Pressure;

  • Organizational justice; and

  • How your managers and their commitment to ethical conduct effects it all.

We’ll be joined by Karen Benson, Director, Global Compliance and Ethics at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., who will provide a company perspective on how culture survey findings have allowed her team to focus its work.


Erica Salmon Byrne
EVP and Executive Director, Business Ethics Leadership Alliance

Karen Benson
Director, Global Compliance and Ethics at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Scott Stevenson
Senior Analyst, Ethisphere