Webcast | Ethical Culture: The Why, the What and the How of Measuring and Supporting Your Organization

In this webcast, Ethisphere’s Erica Salmon Byrne and Doug Allen to discuss leading practices for assessing and analyzing a company’s ethical culture.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Building buy-in with senior management to do a stand-alone ethical culture survey; and steps to ensure the assessment is effective, strategic and meets goals

  • Implementing the survey using technologies and approaches to improve response rates, increase engagement and foster authentic responses

  • Conducting data analysis to understand strengths and gaps, build a business case for new resources or plan for long-term ethics and compliance initiatives

  • Navigating a culture measurement in times of significant change; and sharing data with the C-Suite and Board for maximum impact

Erica Salmon Byrne
Executive Director, Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA), Ethisphere

Keri Grafing
Sr. Director, Global Compliance & Ethics, Best Buy Co., Inc.

Douglas Allen
Managing Director, Data & Services

Melissa Mankowski
Training & Communications, Enterprise Risk & Compliance, Best Buy Co., Inc.

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