Webcast | Informed360 Risk Assessment 2017-10-11T14:22:49+00:00

Ethics and compliance professionals know that the best way to focus their efforts is to take a risk-based approach, but risk assessment processes are often manual, or leverage applications that were designed for something other than E&C programs. That’s why Ethisphere partnered with Brian Beeghly, who was recently recognized by Compliance Week as one of the Top Minds of 2017, as he built something better.

Brian Beeghly brings over 25 years of global risk management experience across a broad range of industries. Mr. Beeghly’s expertise includes enterprise risk management, property and casualty insurance, health and safety, environmental, sustainability and social responsibility, ethics and compliance, information security and data privacy, crisis management, business continuity and physical security. He has served in various leadership positions at Johnson Controls, Nike and Apple Computer and is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of informed360 a technology startup focused on simplifying ethics and compliance programs.

Join Brian and Erica Salmon Byrne on October 26th at noon ET to see the mobile friendly risk assessment module Informed360 has built, hear their discussion about why it matters, and learn more about how we’ve made it possible for our BELA community to access this technology.


Mark Ohringer, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, JLL

Brian Beeghly
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Informed360

Leila Borbor, Global Communications and Digital Manager, JLL

Erica Salmon Byrne 
Executive Director,  Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA), Ethisphere