Webcast | Root Cause Readout – A Special Research Report

June 27, 2018 | 12:00pm – 1:00pm ET

Root cause analysis has become an increasing topic of conversation over the past few years, with the focus only growing due to the combination of corporate scandals and the corresponding regulatory focus. At the request of the BELA community, in late 2017 Ethisphere conducted a research project into root cause, using a combination of survey work and interviews to cover what companies are currently doing around root cause analysis, what they wish they could be doing and the obstacles to doing it, and much more.

Join Erica Salmon Byrne, Executive Director of BELA, and Tyler Lawrence, Executive Editor of Ethisphere Magazine, to hear what we learned around:

  • The obstacles to consolidated investigations tracking

  • What we have learned on how to build an effective root cause taxonomy, including why to conduct a form of root cause even on unsubstantiated claims

  • The importance of training investigators effectively across functions, and

  • The significant benefits to be obtained through a systematic root cause process.

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Leila Borbor, Global Communications and Digital Manager, JLL

Erica Salmon Byrne
Executive Vice President, Executive Director,
Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA), Ethisphere

Leila Borbor, Global Communications and Digital Manager, JLL

Tyler Lawrence
Executive Editor, Ethisphere Magazine